How does Infraspeak help Siemens to guarantee SLA compliance with its client Bank of Portugal?

5000 montly tasks completed · 100% SLAs compliance · 4 weeks implementation time

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Infraspeak - SIEMENS

5000 tasks

per month

SLAs compliance

and greater profit margin

4 weeks

implementation time


SIEMENS is a global giant and one of the largest engineering companies in Europe, playing a key role in the infrastructure operations industry.

At the Bank of Portugal, SIEMENS is responsible for several categories of equipment with different specialities, ranging from HVAC and metalwork to space maintenance.

The challenges

Complying with SLAs
  • Planning and managing maintenance tasks.

  • Meeting quality standards and deadlines.

  • Risk of SIEMENS incurring fees if SLAs were missed.

Lack of transparency
  • The client couldn’t follow SIEMENS’ work, causing legal complications.

Unsuitable software 
  • Unintuitive maintenance management solution

With Infraspeak, the technicians are totally autonomous and the managers can follow everything that happens.”

Ana Ester Silva, Technical Sales Engineer

The solution

Infraspeak fits the team

After implementing Infraspeak, SIEMENS increased technicians’ autonomy, enabling them to work more productively, meet deadlines and increase customer proximity.

For SIEMENS, the simple user interface and the fact that the customer could directly access ongoing work were main distinguishing factors for Infraspeak. In addition, the effectiveness of this deployment was improved through our use of NFC technology, this brought additional flexibility and helped SIEMENS to configure their system quickly 

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