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How does Infraspeak help SIEMENS ensure SLA compliance with Bank of Portugal?




Facility Management

Average Monthly Tasks


Implementation Time

4 weeks

SIEMENS presents itself as the largest engineering company in Europe, playing a key role in manufacturing and infrastructure operations.

At Bank of Portugal, Siemens is responsible for maintaining equipment of several specialties, from HVAC to metalworking.
But before Infraspeak, there were some challenges.
Struggling to comply with the SLAs
Without a good solution for planning and managing maintenance tasks, the risk of non-compliance with the service level agreements with Bank of Portugal was high, and entailed penalties for SIEMENS.
Lack of transparency
The client did not have immediate access to information regarding SIEMENS’s operation on its infrastructures, which was not in accordance with the legal demands inherent in an infrastructure such as the Bank of Portugal.
Unsuitable software
The solution used by SIEMENS for maintenance management was “very heavy, unintuitive and difficult to use”.
The change to Infraspeak was crucial.
According to Ana Ester Silva of SIEMENS, “Infraspeak is the software that meets all the team’s needs and is very simple to use”. After the implementation, SIEMENS increased the autonomy of the entire team, enabled them to meet deadlines and increased closeness to the customer.
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